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Gasification facility will help CP dispose of scrap railway ties while producing energy
Source: Print Archives
CALGARY, ALTA-A new agreement between Canadian Pacific and the Aboriginal Cogeneration Corporation (ACC) will give the railway an effective, economical, and environmentally safe disposal method for it...
11/19/2007 | Full Story

Environmental Commissioner to intervene in Lafarge's appeal of ERT decision
Source: Print Archives
TORONTO, ONT-The Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, Gord Miller, said his office will be applying to intervene in a case that he believes will have long-lasting impacts on future environmental dec...
11/12/2007 | Full Story

Consortium receives approval for biomass-fuelled cogeneration plant
Source: Print Archives
Mackenzie Green Energy Limited Partnership has received an environmental assessment (EA) certificate for the construction and operation of a new biomass cogeneration facility at a site 175 km north of...
11/12/2007 | Full Story

Waste Management to expand environmental activities
Source: Print Archives
Waste Management is undertaking a series of initiatives intended to increase the value of the company's services to its customers while benefiting the environment. Investments will focus on waste-base...
10/29/2007 | Full Story

Quebec environment industry association marks 45th year
Source: Print Archives
MONTREAL, QUE-Quebec's environment industry association, RĂ©seau environnement, recently marked its 45th anniversary with a reception at the Canadian Architecture Centre in Montreal. Originally founded...
10/1/2007 | Full Story

Abstract notes (September 10, 2007)
Source: Print Archives
The Air and Waste Management Association (A&WMA), in Pittsburgh, has issued a call for abstracts for the 2008 International Conference on Thermal Treatment Technologies (IT3), to be held May 12-16...
9/10/2007 | Full Story

SDTC approves $48M in funding for 19 clean technologies in energy, transportation, waste and other sectors
Source: Print Archives
Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) has approved an investment of $48 million for the development and demonstration of 19 clean technologies. The newly-approved projects target core Canad...
7/23/2007 | Full Story

Waste Management contemplates major expansion of landfill gas-to-energy plants
Source: Print Archives
Waste Management, North America's largest landfill operator, has announced plans to expand its roster of landfill gas-to-energy facilities. The program calls for the creation of 60 more renewable ener...
7/16/2007 | Full Story

Ontario finalizes ban on burning used oil in space heaters
Source: Print Archives
Ontario Regulation 280/07 was filed on June 27 with the provincial registrar of regulations. The amendment to Ontario Regulation 347 under the Environmental Protection Act bans the burning of used oil...
7/9/2007 | Full Story

First C of A issued allowing use of off-farm organic residuals as feedstock to produce biogas on farm
Source: Print Archives
WOODBRIDGE, ONT-National Challenge Systems recently reported that the Ontario Ministry of Environment has issued the first certificate of approval (C of A) for the use of off-farm organic residuals as...
7/2/2007 | Full Story

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