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Lakeside Logistics achieves carbon-neutral status through Vision Green program
Source: Print Archives
Lakeside Logistics, a distribution company based in Oakville, Ontario, is claiming to be the first in its industry to achieve a carbon-neutral footprint, having eliminated its environmental footprint ...
12/10/2007 | Full Story

Binational St Lawrence Seaway study includes sustainability proposals for vital transport corridor
Source: Print Archives
A major study of the Great Lakes-St Lawrence Seaway system, carried out jointly by the Canadian and U.S. governments, concludes that this leading North American transportation corridor has the capacit...
12/3/2007 | Full Story

Ottawa proclaims 25-year-old vehicle fuel efficiency standards act
Source: Print Archives
Twenty-five years after it was passed, the Motor Vehicle Fuel Consumption Standards Act (MVFCSA) has been proclaimed into law.
11/12/2007 | Full Story

Drive Clean service advisor fined $20K for falsifying emissions data
Source: Print Archives
SCARBOROUGH, ONT-Merhawi Tekle was recently convicted of five charges relating to the submission of false Drive Clean inspection results to the Ontario Ministry of Environment (MOE) and was fined $20,...
9/10/2007 | Full Story

PEI to adopt new vehicle emissions standards
Source: Print Archives
CHARLOTTETOWN, PEI--Prince Edward Island Premier Robert Ghiz says his government will adopt tougher emission standards for vehicles to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and other air pollutants. Th...
8/20/2007 | Full Story

Vancouver Port Authority unveils more stringent standards for container truck licensing
Source: Print Archives
The Vancouver Port Authority (VPA) has introduced what it says are the most demanding container truck environmental and safety licensing standards in North America. The Port's new truck licensing syst...
7/23/2007 | Full Story

Ottawa renews MOST program, provides $3.2M over five years
Source: Print Archives
The federal government has renewed the Moving On Sustainable Transportation (MOST) program, allocating $3.2 million over five years with the first round of funding scheduled for the fall. Transport Ca...
6/18/2007 | Full Story

Hamilton awarded Silver rating in new E3 Fleet program
Source: Print Archives
VANCOUVER, BC-The Fraser Basin Council has awarded Hamilton's public works department a Silver rating for excellence in "greening" its vehicle fleets under a new national program known as E3 Fleet. Th...
6/18/2007 | Full Story

Canada's GHG emissions slow down, but remain nearly 33% over Kyoto target
Source: Print Archives
In 2005, Canada released a total of 747 megatonnes (Mt) of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, 32.7% above the target set for the nation under the Kyoto Protocol. The 2005 total, reported in the annual GH...
6/4/2007 | Full Story

Rail sector, federal government renew MOU on air emissions, greenhouse gas reduction
Source: Print Archives
The Railway Association of Canada (RAC) has signed a new agreement with the federal government aimed at helping reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the rail sector. RAC presiden...
5/21/2007 | Full Story

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