EcoWeek,  June 25, 2007

Building, construction groups sign MOU to speed adoption of environmentally sound practices

The Canadian Construction Association (CCA) and the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) committing the two organizations to work closely to promote green building practices throughout Canada.

Under the MOU, the CCA and the CaGBC have agreed to: promote events and educational offerings of each association aimed at creating greater understanding of green buildings and accelerating market transformation; and undertake joint federal lobbying activities seeking to create a more favourable policy regime for green buildings.

In addition to becoming a member of CaGBC, CCA will provide input into the development of LEED(R) and other CaGBC programs. For its part, CaGBC will submit its LEED courses, including the LEED for Construction course, to CCA's Gold Seal Committee for Gold Seal certification.

"What this MOU does is send a very strong, powerful signal to our members and to the construction industry at large that our industry has now fully entered the green era, where construction designs and construction practices must conform to the demands and expectations of Canadians for greater sustainability," CCA Chairman Raymond Brunet told the CaGBC board of directors.

"We have a vision that environmental thinking and environmental consideration becomes as standard as safety considerations are on every jobsite. That will take time and a lot of work - but this agreement will help us to pave that way," he added.

CaGBC chair Peter Busby said the agreement "marks the profound changes taking place as the construction sector assumes its rightful place at the lead of Canada's effort to combat global warming."

The CaGBC represents 1,200 member organizations involved in the building industry across Canada. The Council implements the LEED Green Building Rating System in Canada. More information is available from Nancy Grenier at the CaGBC, 604/908-6242, E-mail, or Jeff Morrison at the CCA, 613/291-9377, E-mail

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