December 3, 2007

Inniskillin, StormFisher team to produce biogas from winery grape residuals

NIAGARA-ON-THE-LAKE, ONT-Inniskillin Wines and StormFisher Biogas have formed a partnership to create clean, renewable electricity from the winery's grape pomace, a byproduct made up of grape skin and seeds. Between 1,000 and 2,000 tonnes of this residual material, previously destined for landfilling, will be given a new use as a fuel. As such, the methane gas that is produced by the decomposition of grape pomace will be captured and used to generate power for homes in the Niagara region. Vincor Canada, Inniskillin's parent company, and StormFisher are exploring potential expansion of this arrangement to Vincor's other winemaking facilities on the Niagara peninsula. Ontario-based StormFisher produces renewable energy from food and beverage processing byproducts, accelerating their decomposition in anaerobic digesters and using the resulting biogas to generate electricity or processing it as natural gas. StormFisher's operations will reduce farm and food processor disposal costs, divert valuable organic materials from landfills, and reduce emissions of methane, a greenhouse gas 23 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Much of Europe's food and beverage processing residuals are managed in this way, and the process is rapidly gaining favour in North America. More information is available on the company's Web site,

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