November 26, 2007

CCME invites comment on draft Canada-wide Strategy for managing municipal wastewater effluent

WINNIPEG, MAN-The Canadian Council of Ministers of Environment (CCME) has released for comment a draft version of the Canada-wide Strategy for Managing Municipal Wastewater Effluent, together with related technical documents. Among these is a detailed economic plan, being made available for public review for the first time. Municipal Wastewater Effluent (MWWE) is one of the largest sources of pollution, by volume, discharged to surface water bodies in Canada. Reducing pollution from this source can be achieved by various means ranging from source control to end-of-pipe measures. The CCME notes that regulatory controls governing MWWE come from myriad directions, including policies, by-laws and legislation at the federal, provincial/territorial and municipal levels. Such governance often creates confusion and complex situations for regulators, system owners and operators. The draft Canada-wide Strategy for MWWE proposes a series of long-term objectives, to be achieved through specific initiatives to be carried out within designated time periods. Ultimately, the Strategy seeks to accomplish three things: protect the environment and human health; clarify for owners the way MWWE is managed and regulated; and ensure equitable, sustainable management of funding to improve municipal wastewater treatment. Among other things, the Strategy proposes national performance standards for carbonaceous biochemical oxygen demand (CBOD5), total suspended solids (TSS) total residual chlorine (TRC), and addresses issues relating to combined sewer overflows. Comments on the draft strategy and related materials are due by January 31, 2008. Written submissions may be sent by letter, fax or E-mail and should be directed to Jennifer Vigano, Programs Co-ordinator, CCME, 360 - 123 Main St, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 1A3; FAX 204/948-2125, E-mail: The consultation documents, including the draft Strategy, may be viewed on the CCME Web site,

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