November 26, 2007

Mitel signs e-waste recycling agreement with Global Investment Recovery

OTTAWA, ONT-Mitel has reached an agreement with Global Investment Recovery, a Florida-based recycler and processor of electronic equipment, providing for full recycling of phones and hardware in selected areas where new Mitel communications equipment is installed. Through the Mitel PARTNER program, channel partner members will be able to use a login page on the Global Web site ( to notify the company about old equipment ready for pickup after new Mitel equipment has been set up. Global's logistics team will provide packing and shipping services, along with instructions for safe transportation to one of the company's processing facilities where the equipment will be shredded, sorted and re-used, thus eliminating up to 100% of this e-waste. The shredded materials will be sold in the commodities markets for eventual re-use in other manufacturing processes, effectively closing the entire loop for the recycling process. Mitel has been ISO 14001-certified since 1999. Its end-of-life equipment recycling program ensures that all telephone equipment designated as e-waste is decommissioned at local area facilities; that equipment decommissioning and destruction is carried out in an environmentally sound manner; and that scrap metal and precious metal components are recovered and recycled for re-use. Global Investment Recovery provides environmentally sound electronics recycling and destruction services. It owns and operates process facilities in Tucson, Arizona; Tampa, Florida; Reno, Nevada; Aiken County, South Carolina and Shreveport, Louisiana. Global's operations incorporate four shredding systems for the destruction of proprietary technology, hard drives, and brand protection services.

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