November 26, 2007

New Brunswick issues interim policy on underwater land allocation for tidal power research

SAINT JOHN, NB-New Brunswick Natural Resources Minister Donald Arseneault recently released an interim policy to allocate submerged Crown land for to support the future development of in-stream tidal power generation. "The interim policy allows for research activities in support of in-stream tidal power generation in the New Brunswick portion of the Bay of Fundy," Arseneault explained, adding, "This will allow scientists to do research on topics such as water currents and flows, climatic conditions, natural environment, and marine wildlife behaviour." The Natural Resources department use a request for proposal process to grant access to sites for periods up to 12 consecutive months, with ability to renew for another year. Access will be for data collection and research only for the purpose of planning and consulting stakeholders. Research areas can be as large as 25 hectares and researchers must spend at least $50,000 in research activity. A copy of the policy may be viewed on-line at

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