November 19, 2007

CCME assembles focus group for input on draft sustainable packaging guidelines

WINNIPEG, MAN-The Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment's (CCME) Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) task group is seeking industry, ENGO and local government representatives to act as a stakeholder focus group on packaging. The group would meet with the EPR task group at a one-day meeting scheduled for February 1, 2008 to discuss proposed sustainable packaging guidelines currently being developed by the CCME. Input from this focus group will be given to a consultant currently preparing the guidelines for the CCME. Respondents are invited to send an expression of interest by December 7, 2007. More information, including an expression of interest form, is available on the CCME Web site, The EPR task group is responsible for providing guidance on the development and implementation of initiatives to address packaging issues. These issues extend beyond disposal, taking into account resource and energy consumption and the release of pollutants associated with the production and transportation of packaging. Past CCME efforts on packaging include the development and endorsement, in 1990, of the National Packaging Protocol (NaPP), a voluntary agreement with industry to reduce waste. NaPP achieved a 51% reduction, by weight, in packaging waste sent for disposal by 1996, four years ahead of schedule.

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