November 5, 2007

Cleanairpass teams with car dealers to provide carbon credits to purchasers

Two Ontario car dealerships recently became the first in Canada to offer their customers a way to offset the emissions from vehicles they purchase. Oxford Dodge, in London, and Provincial Chrysler, in Windsor, are providing a carbon-neutral cleanairpass to every purchaser of a new or pre-owned vehicle. The carbon credits will effectively offset the carbon emissions of the vehicle in the first year.

The program is being offered through a partnership between the dealerships and Cleanairpass, one of the first companies in Canada to provide a practical way for individuals and businesses to address climate change through the purchase of carbon credits. All carbon credits are registered and verified.

Through the cleanairpass program, carbon credits are purchased to offset about five tonnes of greenhouse gases emitted by an automobile driven an estimated 20,000 kilometres a year. Cleanairpass president Bryce Conacher estimates the dealership program will offset 15,000 carbon emissions in the first year.

"We need to provide a practical way for companies and consumers to get involved and make a difference," says Conacher. "The cleanairpass program focuses on ways to reduce emissions from vehicles."

Oxford Dodge president James Bennett said, "Our partnership with cleanairpass does three important things. First, it empowers our customers to take responsibility for their personal vehicle's emissions. Second, it adds significant consumer clout to the effort to stop major manufacturing emissions. And third, it financially supports renewable energy producers and other projects that reduce air emissions."

Initially the credits will go towards helping support a tire recycling facility in Quebec that helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the transformation of used tires from cars and trucks into rubber carpets and other products rather than using newly-sourced rubber. As the program grows, other Canadian projects will be selected.

More information is available from Bryce Conacher at Cleanairpass, 416/704-2023, E-mail:,

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