November 12, 2007

Certification system to be developed for GHG professionals

CALGARY, ALTA-ECO Canada (Environmental Careers Organization) is leading a project that will establish a national certification system for greenhouse gas (GHG) professionals in Canada. Working in partnership with the Standards Council of Canada and the federal government, ECO Canada will document and define national occupational standards within the GHG field, in order to ensure that GHG professionals have the skills and knowledge necessary to make them consistent and accurate in their work. "Certifying professionals in this field will have a very positive impact on Canada's role in documenting greenhouse gas emissions," said ECO Canada president Grant Trump. "It will allow Canada to create emission inventories that are realistic, accurate, and defensible." Set to launch in the spring of 2008, ECO Canada's national certification system will incorporate ISO standards and will be developed after an intensive review of international best practices and standards relevant to Canadian industry, including extensive consultation with industry and government. "It's important that there be a way to show that a professional in this field has met the conditions of a rigorous certification system," said Bob Gill, a senior environmental specialist from Manitoba Hydro. "This will provide competency assurance for employers, practitioners, and industry." The certification will consist of a variety of demanding components, including minimum education, work experience, and specific project completion requirements. Once certified, members will be required to adhere to a code of ethics, and must also demonstrate ongoing maintenance of skills and knowledge through professional development activities and continued work in the area.

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