August 6, 2007

IKEA Canada sets 50% reduction target for plastic bag use

TORONTO, ONT-As part of its continuing pursuit of long-term environmental sustainability, IKEA Canada is taking actions to help reduce plastic bag use in Canada. Canadians take home an estimated 55 million plastic carry-out bags a week and IKEA has set a 50% reduction target in the use of these bags at its stores. IKEA customers currently use 25 million plastic bags across the country and the goal is to cut this number to 12.5 million by the end of July 2008. Starting October 22, 2007, IKEA Canada will begin charging 5ยข for plastic bags, donating all proceeds from the sale of plastic bags to Tree Canada, the company's long-term environmental partner. Tree Canada will use the funds to plant trees throughout Canada and help offset carbon dioxide emissions. To further promote environmentally responsible habits, IKEA will continue to sell its iconic reusable 'Blue Bag' for $1.00.

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