July 16, 2007

Belledune, First Nation receive $50K GMF grant for wind farm study

BELLEDUNE, NB-The village of Belledune and its partner the Eel River Bar First Nation will study the potential development of a 30-megawatt (MW) wind farm in a heavy industrial area of the community, supported by a $50,000 Green Municipal Fund grant. The project-the first of its kind in northern New Brunswick-will demonstrate the wind power potential of the area and showcase a community-based model for environmentally sustainable economic development. The scope of the project includes the development of a joint working agreement between the partners, a public awareness campaign on the benefits of renewable energy and a 12-month feasibility study on a 50-metre wind tower at a specific site, including technical and market analyses. "The 30 MW wind farm is intended to be a grid connected system with the power sold to New Brunswick Power via a power purchase agreement," said Belledune Mayor Nick Duivenvoorden. "If the feasibility study demonstrates positive results, a full business plan will be prepared. Based on a 31% capacity factor, we estimate that a 30 MW wind farm would have an annual electricity production of 81,468 MW hours and would reduce greenhouse gas emissions per year by 67,618 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent," he added.

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