July 23, 2007

Manitoba Hydro laboratory to be expanded to offer biodiesel quality testing

SELKIRK, MAN-Manitoba's only fuel testing centre will be expanded to provide state-of-the-art services to the province's biodiesel industry. Manitoba Hydro's Selkirk laboratory is receiving a total of $614,000 to complete the expansion, including $351,500 provided through the Canada-Manitoba Economic Partnership Agreement plus a contribution of $262,500 from Natural Resources Canada. This will enable the laboratory to provide to provide a full range of biodiesel fuel quality testing, ensuring that Manitoba biodiesel meets appropriate quality standards before it is distributed to the public. Cost-effective fuel quality testing is seen as a major facilitator to increasing the development of biodiesel production in Manitoba, and at this time, no other facility in the province currently provides this service. As a result, when the Selkirk centre is fully booked, a producer has to send his fuel sample out of province and pay over $1,500 for complete testing. Expanding the biodiesel testing initiative will provide complete testing at cost, thereby saving an individual producer in Manitoba approximately $300. Equipment for the lab has been ordered and the facility should be operational this fall.

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