July 16, 2007

Direct Energy's new plan helps clients reduce their carbon footprint

TORONTO, ONT-Direct Energy has introduced a natural gas plan that allows its customers to offset greenhouse gases they produce in their homes with carbon credits that fund clean energy projects around the world. The Direct Energy carbon-neutral natural gas program is the only one of its kind that is available in all Canadian markets where residential consumers have their choice of providers, including Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba and British Columbia. For customers who choose the carbon-neutral option, Direct Energy will buy certified carbon emission credits to offset the greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere from the natural gas they consume. The money from the purchase of those credits is used to fund green energy and environmental sustainability projects around the world. "We think it's important that consumers use energy wisely because climate change is real, and man-made carbon emissions are a major cause," said Clinton Roeder, Direct Energy's senior vice-president of energy services. "But even with the very best energy conservation efforts, most of us will still be responsible for creating greenhouse gases. A carbon-neutral plan enables customers to have a significant impact on their own carbon footprint-the total amount of carbon that their activities put into the atmosphere," he added.

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