July 16, 2007

MOE commits $60K to continue Clean Marine Program

PENETANGUISHENE, ONT-The Ontario Marine Operators Association (OMOA) will be continuing the world-leading Clean Marine Program, having received a $60,000 funding commitment from the Ontario Ministry of Environment (MOE). This commitment will enhance recently-secured private funding to increase the scope and effectiveness of the program in the coming years, says the OMOA. The Clean Marine Program, operated by the OMOA, began six years ago with funding from the MOE and from Environment Canada, as well as OMOA member contributions and other private sector grants. Recognized as the world's best Environmental Best Management Practices marina program, Clean Marine has recently been licensed to Quebec, is about to be expanded to British Columbia and is generating strong interest in the Atlantic provinces. The program has been successful in educating the entire marine community in the use of environmentally responsible products and practices. It has contributed significantly to the recycling of shrink-wrap, used oil, antifreeze and garbage and has resulted in a substantial reduction in the consumption of energy resources including water, fuel, and hydro. The Ontario Marine Operators Association is the largest, non-profit, recreational marine trade association in Canada. Members consist of yacht clubs, water-based and dryland marinas (privately and municipally owned) as well as trade members who supply products and services to the marine industry. More information is available on the OMOA Web site, www.marinasontario.com, or from the association's executive director Al Donaldson, 705/549-1667, E-mail adonaldson@omoa.com.

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