October 15, 2007

Retailers, printers team with Atlantic to test new high-calibre recycled newsprint product

A number of major supermarket, hardware and general merchandise retailers, along with selected printers are collaborating with Atlantic Newsprint to test a new recycled newsprint line designed for the full-colour printed advertising flyers delivered to millions of Canadian homes each week.

The five new products, labeled Fooder News, Eco-Brite, Eco-Smooth, Eco-Gloss, and Eco-Direct, feature higher gloss and brightness than standard newsprint for printers that produce the weekly flyers and directories. Each product is made from 100% recycled fibre and is manufactured at Atlantic Newsprint's Whitby, Ontario mill.

Atlantic points out that while newspaper publishers have adopted varying degrees of recycled fibre in their newsprint (including Atlantic 100% recycled), the printers of flyers have preferred to use paper with a much lower percentage of recycled content, or paper made entirely from virgin fibre.

Michael Booth, vice president of sales for Atlantic Newsprint, noted that the customers of Canada's best retailers "are setting ever-higher standards for environmental performance." Their expectations extend to all areas of the retailer's business, "so moving to environmentally responsive products like our enhanced 100% recycled newsprint for flyers is a step that leading retailers find appealing," he explained.

At the same time, Booth added, retailers are very careful about making any changes in their public image. "They understand the value of presenting their marketing messages on 100% recycled newsprint, and we think they will be pleased with the results." So far, he said the trials of the new recycled newsprint are producing excellent results.

There are subtle differences between the 100% recycled newsprint used by leading newspaper publishers and the new product created for flyers. "Retailers have specific demands for things like weight, brightness and printing characteristics that we have to meet," Booth explained. "They want to do the right thing for the environment but they also have high standards for the quality of the printed pieces they produce. With our Atlantic sheet, we think they can have both."

The Whitby newsprint mill was Canada's first 100% recycled fibre newsprint mill when it opened in 1991. It consumes more than 200,000 tons of old newspapers and magazines a year. The four new lines of 100% recycled newsprint were developed from the newsprint the company currently makes for newspaper publishers across North America.

Atlantic 100% recycled newsprint has been awarded the Green Seal Certification in the U.S. and been selected for the Environmental Choice Program in Canada.

Atlantic Newsprint is a division of Toronto-based Atlantic Packaging Products, which manufactures a wide range of consumer, institutional and industrial products from recycled materials. The company lays claim to never having cut down a single tree in its 62 years of making paper products.

More information is available from Michael Booth at Atlantic Newsprint, 905/708-4311, E-mail Michael_Booth@Atlantic.ca.

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