October 29, 2007

Clean combustion test program aims to further verify Hy-Drive technology performance

TORONTO, ONT-Hy-Drive Technologies has launched a new Integrated Product Team (IPT) partnership program through which it plans to install 100 units of its Hydrogen Generation System (HGS), incorporating the company's Clean Burn Technology(TM), on selected partner trucks by the end of this year. Program participants will include both existing customer fleet operators already familiar with the company and technology, as well as a number of new partners. Under the program, each unit installed will be equipped with a special tracking system called PeopleNet(TM), which can track mileage to the tenth of a gallon and control the data for variables such as excess idle times, truck speed, and elevated RPMs. In addition to supporting Hy-Drive's marketing efforts, the IPT program will serve as a controlled case study to provide high-calibre, statistically verifiable field data on HGS performance. Monitored results should also enable Hy-Drive to validate the performance of its technology on various engine types. As a marketing element, company CEO Tom Brown explained, "We want to ensure through our IPT partnership program that our continued emergence into the market with our HGS in scale will have a significant statistically credible data set with verified performance metrics. This should allow us to convert current and future prospects into customers without having to undergo long term customer product review periods typically experienced by new emerging technology companies." Hy-Drive's proprietary, patented hydrogen generating system generates and injects hydrogen gas into a regular internal combustion engine, enhancing the combustion process by allowing fuel to burn more efficiently and completely. More information is available on the company's Web site, www.hy-drive.com.

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