October 29, 2007

Village issued enforcement order for exceeding water-taking limits

EDMONTON, ALTA-The Alberta government has ordered the village of Boyle to reduce its water diversion from nearby Skeleton Lake immediately, after it was discovered that the village had exceeded its annual water allocation from the lake for 2007. Boyle has a water allocation limit of 185,100 cubic metres (m3); as of September 27, the village had diverted 194,789 m3 from Skeleton Lake. The Enforcement Order from Alberta Environment requires the village of Boyle to submit a truck fill access control plan by November 1. If it fails to do so to the department's satisfaction, the truck fill will be closed until year-end. The village must also prepare and submit a detailed water conservation plan to the department by December 7, 2007. The plan must detail short- and long-term water conservation measures to be implemented to reduce the community's water consumption. The village will also have to apply for a temporary diversion license for projected water needs from October to December 31, 2007. Alberta Environment has pledged to help local officials to review the village's water use practices and find areas for reduction and conservation. Options could include the installation of water meters, leak detection and repairs, reduction of consumption by industrial users, and public education and awareness to ensure efficient use of the village's current allocation.

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