October 15, 2007

Sonoco unveils new S3 service, renames recovered paper division

Sonoco Sustainability Solutions (S3) has been introduced as a new service of Sonoco Recycling, one of the largest recyclers in the packaging industry.

Jack Sanders, senior vice-president of Sonoco, a leading multi-national packaging company based in Hartsville, South Carolina, said, "S3 was originally developed and piloted at 12 Sonoco plants to improve productivity by reducing waste materials going to landfills. However, once we identified the many benefits of the program, we began partnering with some of our customers' locations and found that the service could provide significant productivity savings along with new revenue sources and environmental benefits."

The program works by seeking out ways to reduce waste materials going to landfills, then converting waste streams to revenue streams by finding alternative uses for a facility's previously unrecycled wastes. The result is increased profitability for the client.

Through S3, Sonoco waste reduction experts audit a client's location to review its existing program for handling wastes. Tailored programs are then developed that offer significant savings by reducing waste hauling charges and landfill fees. The service also can provide incremental income as Sonoco Recycling works to convert a location's unrecycled waste streams into revenue streams by facilitating the sale of previously landfilled materials and finding alternate uses for certain wastes. Finally, the service provides reporting of productivity improvements both in terms of financial savings and environmental benefits.

"The goal of S3 is to have zero landfill wastes coming from our customers' facilities," said Myles Cohen, division vice-president and general manager of Sonoco Recycling. "Most manufacturing plants, distribution centers and retailers have active recycling programs, but they still have wastes going to landfills.

"Because of our extensive knowledge of the industrial and consumer packaging industry and our expertise in recycling, we have been able to find alternative recycling initiatives for wastes that were previously thought to be unrecyclable, such as plastic banding, bulk plastic liners and sacks, flexible packaging and other materials.

"Recycling is a business that Sonoco has always done well," Cohen continued. "However, today there are many new elements to the business of Sonoco Recycling. With our extensive experience and scope of operations, we are well positioned to reach our ultimate goal, which is to eliminate landfill wastes for the Company and its customers."

Coinciding with the introduction of the S3 program was the renaming of Sonoco's worldwide recovered paper operations as Sonoco Recycling. The business unit has been repositioned to combine the Sonoco's long-established recycling capabilities with new market-driven environmental services such as waste management consulting.

Sonoco collects about 3.5 million tons per year of recyclable materials including old corrugated containers and other paper, plastics, metals, glass and other materials. Sonoco Recycling collects and processes recyclable materials at 46 locations in North America and Europe.

More information about Sonoco Sustainability Solutions is available on Sonoco Recycling's Web site, www.sustainabilitysolutions.com, from Derek McFarland, national manager, sustainability services, 803/396-2174.

Sonoco manufactures industrial and consumer packaging products and provides a full range of packaging services. The company has more than 325 operations in 35 countries serving customers in 85 nations. Additional information about Sonoco is available on-line at www.sonoco.com.

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