October 8, 2007

ECO Canada examines labour supply issues in contaminated site sector

OTTAWA, ONT-ECO Canada has contracted The Delphi Group and Harris/Decima to carry out a human resource study of the contaminated site sector in Canada. The purpose of the study is to determine current and future labour supply issues in this sector. As part of the work, The Delphi Group and Harris/Decima will hold a series of focus groups on labour market issues in the Canadian contaminated site sector, and are inviting qualified participants to provide input in order to validate the results of the study. This will help ensure that the research responds to industry needs. The groups will be held in Toronto on October 16, 2007; Montreal (in French only) on October 22, 2007; Calgary on October 24, 2007; and Vancouver on October 25, 2007. Participants will receive an honorarium of $100 for their time and effort. Those wishing to take part may register for the focus group in their particular area by contacting Darleen Finnamore at The Delphi Group, 613/562-2005 ext 233, E-mail dfinnamore@delphi.ca. More information about the study is available from Jennifer Aragon at ECO Canada, 403/476-1958, E-mail jaragon@eco.ca.

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