September 24, 2007

Saskatchewan recycles scrap tires into 30 km of provincial highways

Recycled rubber met Saskatchewan roads this summer as three environmentally friendly transportation projects helped the Department of Highways and Transportation recycle about 39,000 scrap tires. The three projects, representing an investment of more than $5 million by the province, involved the use of rubber asphalt, produced in part from scrap tires, in place of conventional pavement on more than 30 kilometres of provincial highways. The projects were carried out on Highway 1 near the Alberta-Saskatchewan border and on Highway 11 near Davidson and Chamberlain. About 1,300 tires are recycled for each lane kilometre of rubber asphalt. "Not only does rubber asphalt last longer and reduce the traffic noise characteristic of conventional pavement, it also provides a market for recycled rubber products," said Highways and Transportation Minister Buckley Belanger. More than one million scrap tires are generated in Saskatchewan each year. Tires are collected, processed and recycled through a non-profit, non-government program run by the Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Corporation. "The biggest success of the Saskatchewan Scrap Tire Corporation has been the diversion of over eight million tires from landfill across this province, but there is a secondary benefit when we see the tire recycled into worthwhile projects like this," said Theresa McQuoid, the corporation's executive director.

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