September 17, 2007

Quebec community receives GMF grant to clean up former wood preserving plant site

SAINT-DAMIEN-DE-BRANDON, QUE-A $12,024 Green Municipal Fund grant will help Saint-Damien-de-Brandon, a small municipality east of Trois-Rivières, conduct a Phase II environmental site assessment (ESA) and develop a remediation plan for a 415,820-square-foot contaminated property. The former site of a sawmill and wood preserving plant has been a long-standing environmental liability in the heart of the community. The Phase II ESA will help define the remediation required before the property can be redeveloped. A feasibility study will involve the excavation of up to 22 test pits. Soil samples will be analyzed for one or more of the following compounds: petroleum hydrocarbons, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds, phenol compounds, ethylene glycols and metals. In addition, four groundwater observation wells will be drilled and groundwater samples will be collected and analyzed. Remediation of the site will seek to maximize the potential for residential land use and will correspond to the Ministry of Environment and Wildlife Class B decontamination standards. In its tender for the eventual capital installation project, the municipality will include specific energy efficiency criteria including building insulation, heating and lighting, as well as water efficiency.

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