September 17, 2007

Alberta EUB approves Lethbridge biogas-fuelled power plant

CALGARY, ALTA-Alberta's Energy and Utilities Board (EUB) has approved an application by ECB Enviro North America (ECBNA) to build and operate a 3.2 megawatt biogas-fuelled power plant near Lethbridge. The plant will be situated just east of the city's east boundary in an area zoned "rural grouped industrial." The approval includes a condition that ECBNA develop a protocol to be used for complaints both during the construction and operational phases of the plant. The EUB expects ECBNA to follow up on its stated commitment to work with the local community to address any problems or issues that might arise once the plant is in operation. In its decision 2007-067, the EUB has found that there are advantages to biogas plants as an alternative to conventional power plants. It believes that such plants benefit the environment by obtaining energy value from food processing wastes, manure, and animal by-products that could otherwise be simply deposited into waste facilities or returned to the land. As part of the approval process, the Board held a one-day hearing held in Lethbridge in May. Five interveners questioned the suitability of the plant's proposed location, citing concerns about traffic, odours, and water and air pollution. Upon review of the company's application, however, the EUB concluded that there will be no significant increase in traffic in the vicinity of the project and that the proposed design and mitigation measures will protect air and water quality. ECBNA will be held to all requirements relating to odours from its operations. The approval may be viewed on the EUB Web site,

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