October 1, 2007

Ottawa plans tougher regulations for sewage treatment systems

OTTAWA, ONT-Proposed new federal regulations to be published next year will set stringent national standards for sewage treatment, Environment Minister John Baird said last week. "These new rules will bring Canada in line with some of the toughest rules in the world today, like those in the European Union," he said. The rules will apply enforceable national standards to the more than 4,600 wastewater collection and treatment systems in large and small municipalities across Canada and will provide clear instruction to all municipal, aboriginal, federal or private owners of sewage treatment plants. The regulations will help filter out substances such as phosphates, which can lead to excessive blue-green algae production, as well as mercury and pharmaceutical products in sewage outflows. At the same time, they will be supported by the federal government's $33-billion Building Canada infrastructure plan, which will provide long-term, stable funding for infrastructure projects such as sewage treatment systems in communities across Canada.

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