September 3-10, 2007

CP Rail levied $75K in penalties relating to 2003 derailment, ethylene glycol spill

VANCOUVER, BC-Canadian Pacific Railway was recently fined $25,000 in connection with a February 2003 train derailment in Port Moody, British Columbia. CP Rail has also been ordered to pay $50,000 to the Environmental Damages Fund for use in the area of the Port Moody arm of Burrard Inlet. The company was convicted of violating subsection 36(3) of the federal Fisheries Act by depositing a substance harmful to fish into Burrard Inlet. The derailment of several ethylene glycol railcars resulted in a release of approximately 63,900 litres of ethylene glycol which entered Burrard Inlet for hours after the derailment. Ethylene glycol, commonly used in anti-freeze, is toxic to fish. In its ruling, the court found that CP Rail did not act with due diligence in preventing the offence nor in its actions after the derailment with respect to the containment and cleanup of the spill.

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