August 20-27, 2007

New NCR printing technology helps Home Hardware cut paper use by up to 45%

ST JACOB'S ONT-Home Hardware Stores has become the first Canadian retailer to introduce NCR Corporation's new two-sided thermal (2ST) receipt printing in its stores. By enabling simultaneous printing on both sides of a receipt, the patented technology reduces environmental impact, cutting paper usage by up to 45% while decreasing the electricity, water and fuel consumed in paper production and transportation. allows for customized promotional messages, minimizes environmental impact, and improves operational efficiency and throughput at the checkout. It also improves checkout efficiency by requiring fewer paper roll changes. Home Hardware's corporate office is endorsing the use of NCR's two-sided thermal printers and has so far equipped 55 of its stores with 2ST. Home Hardware initially deployed 2ST as part of its migration from impact to thermal printing. "Upgrading to thermal printing alone has helped us to greatly minimize consumption by eliminating the need for ink cartridges and reducing paper use," said John Rogez, the company's director of retail applications. Individual store operators have also reported substantial environmental and business efficiency improvements.

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