August 13, 2007

Ontario project will support adoption of clean technologies by business

TORONTO, ONT-As part of Ontario's climate change plan, the government is investing $15 million over four years for a pilot project to help businesses convert to more environmentally-friendly technologies, such as hybrid power. The project will help the government and industry learn more about the technology, spur investment and help make medium-duty hybrid trucks more affordable for Ontario businesses. The province will also increase the use of cleaner fuel in its own fleet by installing two new ethanol fuelling stations in the province. These new facilities could also be made available to other users, such as municipal fleets once they are operational. As well, the government is preparing to begin stakeholder consultations with vehicle manufacturers and environmental groups to develop a green vehicle program that will rate cars, light trucks and commercial vehicles using environmental criteria. The goal of these consultations will be to establish incentives to encourage people to buy "green" vehicles. The plan is to recognize such vehicles with an Eco-licence plate, to be launched the summer of 2008. The three initiatives were announced August 8 by Ontario Transportation Minister Donna Cansfield and Environment Minister Laurel Broten.

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