August 13, 2007

New appointees named to Manitoba's Clean Environment Commission

WINNIPEG, MAN-Norm Brandson and Aurelie Mogan were recently appointed to the Manitoba Clean Environment Commission by Conservation Minister Stan Struthers. Brandson, a professional engineer with degrees in civil and water resource engineering, is a practising consultant on resource and environment issues following a 32-year career in the Manitoba public service. During his government career, He was deputy minister of environment for nine years and was also the founding deputy minister of the departments of Conservation and of Water Stewardship. Aurelie Mogan is an economist with 25 years experience in social and economic analysis and a strong interest in community development and the environment. She is currently the head of research and analysis for the federal government's rural secretariat. Departing commissioners include Dr Barrie Webster, who has given more than 20 years of service to the Commission, along with Harvey Nepinak and Connie Pringle.

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