August 13, 2007

First mechanical fibre paper for digital printing offers cost savings, less environmental impact

Xerox Canada has introduced a first-of-its-kind paper for digital printing that uses half as many trees as traditional paper, while lowering the cost to mail printed material. The Xerox High Yield Business Paper(TM) is an uncoated 45-lb (17.7-lb bond) mechanical fibre paper that overcomes operational problems such as curling and dust, which previously made this type of paper unsuitable for use with digital printing equipment.

In addition to being a business innovation, the new High Yield Business Paper has been developed to reduce the environmental footprint of standard papers used with digital printers. It is produced by mechanically grinding wood into papermaking pulp instead of using the chemical pulping process traditional for producing digital business papers.

Not only does the mechanical process require less water and chemicals, it converts more than 90% of wood weight to papermaking fiber, double the 45% yield from the chemical pulping process used to make 50-lb paper (20-lb bond), the most widely used paper for digital printing and copying.

Moreover, the new paper is manufactured in a plant that obtains part of its power from hydroelectricity. This results in less fossil fuel use and a corresponding reduction of up to a 75% in greenhouse gas emissions.

"This paper brings the benefits of traditional mechanical fibre paper to digital printers who produce high quality, shorter-life print applications. And it delivers an environmentally friendly option with increased savings to our customers," said Steve Simpson, vice president and general manager of Xerox's paper and supplies business unit.

The new paper is 10% lighter-weight than 20-lb bond, saving mailing costs for customers while preserving natural resources. A printer using a carton of High Yield Business Paper to print and mail 1,000 five-sheet sets of a document would save $80 in mailing costs because of its lighter weight, says the company.

The paper can be used to produce a wide range of printed matter, such as manuals, catalogs, brochures, education materials and business documents. Xerox believes print shops will use it to preprint offset shells for transactional documents like invoices, statements and direct mail pieces, then use a digital press to add highlight colour or personalized information, such as names and regional details, to draw attention to documents.

High Yield Business Paper has a level of 84 brightness (on a scale of one to 100 with 100 being the brightest) and is whitened using a chlorine-free process. With opacity (show-through resistance) equal to that of traditional 60-lb (24-lb bond) paper, it allows high-quality, two-sided printing, says Xerox. The new paper is compatible with a variety of digital systems, including the Xerox DocuTech(R) and Xerox Nuvera(R) lines, Xerox 4110 Enterprise printing systems and Xerox continuous-feed digital printers.

More information is available on Xerox's Web site,

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