September 3-10, 2007

Montreal dry cleaner pleads guilty to CEPA charges for improper TCE use

MONTREAL, QUE-A Montreal dry cleaning operation has been fined $3,900 after pleading guilty to five charges under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (1999) tetrachloroethylene (use in dry cleaning and reporting requirements) regulations. The company, 9112-7480 QuÈbec, operator of Nettoyeur Brillant in Montreal, pleaded guilty to four counts of using tetrachloroethylene (TCE) for dry cleaning while failing to comply with its obligations under the regulations. The company also pleaded guilty to a fifth charge, involving non-compliance between November 22 and 30, 2005 with an environmental protection compliance order, in contravention of the provisions of paragraph 272(1)(c) of CEPA 1999. The charges were laid following an investigation by the environmental enforcement division of Environment Canada's Quebec region office. In addition to a fine of $1,400, the company was ordered to reimburse the department $404.88 for costs incurred in the proper disposal of TCE-containing waste and to pay $2,100 into the Environmental Damages Fund administered by Environment Canada, which will be used to promote and fund restoration projects.

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