September 3-10, 2007

Ontario to adopt FSC standard for virgin paper purchases

TORONTO, ONT-In a "leading by example" initiative, the Ontario government will, starting next year, adopt the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standard for at least 30% of all virgin paper purchased for its offices (i.e. paper produced directly from a forest and not a recycled source). FSC-certified paper will also be sourced as far as possible for other uses as appropriate. In addition, the province will move toward increasing the level of recycled content in printed materials to 50% by 2012 and will work with the printing industry to ensure that the printers with which it does business are FSC-certified. Antony Marcil, president and CEO of the FSC Canada, called the government's announcement "a huge step forward for environmentally appropriate and socially responsible forest management, and for the economic viability of the forest industry. To have the Government of Ontario join our effort by setting specific targets and dates is unprecedented in Canada and maybe in the world," he said.

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