August 20-27, 2007

Downtown Toronto courier firm begins emission-free Greenteam service

TORONTO, ONT-Secured Courier recently launched a "Greenteam" service designed to eliminate motorized delivery of packages to destinations in Toronto's downtown core during the business day. Packages coming from outside a defined green zone (bounded by Eglinton Avenue in the north, Lake Ontario in the south, Dufferin Street in the west and Bayview Avenue in the east) are transferred to "pedal power" at the edge of this zone, with pickups and deliveries handled by Greenteam members on bicycles, on foot or using public transit. Secured Courier will continue to use motorized vehicles for all other deliveries within the Greater Toronto Area, but plans to switch to hybrids over the next two years. The new Greenteam service will offer a number of benefits, helping reduce traffic congestion as well as costs and contributing to a steady reduction in vehicle emissions. The company is also reducing waste paper by handling all orders through its Web site and has pledged to contribute 5% of its corporate profits to Toronto's Tree Advocacy Planting Program as well as planting additional trees on behalf of Greenteam clients in order to expand the city's tree canopy. More information is available from Greg Linton, president and CEO, Greenteam Courier, 3106 Dundas Street West Toronto M6P 2A1, 416/363-3278, E-mail, Web site

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