June 11, 2007

Maaco to cut VOC emissions by nearly two-thirds ahead of regulatory deadline

MILTON, ONT-Maaco Systems Canada expects to reduce its volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions by 64% by switching to new environmentally friendly methods and materials in its collision repair and auto painting operations. The company is taking action two years ahead of the deadline set out in new federal regulations. The regulations require the auto repair industry to reduce its annual emissions of VOCs, a major smog precursor compound, by 40%, beginning January 2009. Maaco Systems Canada, which has 36 franchised body shops across the country, says it intends to cut its VOC emissions by an additional 24% over and above government targets. To achieve this goal, Maaco Systems Canada's franchise owners will convert their respective facilities to low-VOC paints, modify their procedures and undergo comprehensive training to ensure proper handling of the new materials. Some shops have already made the shift and have begun using environmentally friendly materials and practices in refinishing vehicles. Others are in the process of converting. These measures will prevent approximately 65 tonnes of harmful emissions from entering the environment between now and when the regulation is due to take effect. That is the equivalent of taking approximately 1000 vehicles off the road each year. It is estimated that more than five kilotonnes of VOCs are emitted each year from coatings and surface cleaners used in automotive refinishing operations in Canada. Based in Milton, Ont, Maaco Systems Canada has been operating in Canada for more than 30 years, serving over one million customers. Its client roster includes fleet contracts with Canada Post, FedEx Ground and Rogers.

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