June 18, 2007

Nova Scotia creates new board to monitor Tar Ponds cleanup

HALIFAX, NS-As the Sydney Tar Ponds and coke ovens cleanup project enters the permit stage, an independent board is being created to help oversee the project. This fulfils one of the recommendations made in July 2006 by the joint review panel for the project, as well as a commitment made by Environment and Labour Minister Mark Parent in January 2007 when he approved its environmental assessment. The Remediation Monitoring Oversight Board will monitor the progress of the Department of Environment and Labour in ensuring that provincial environmental regulations are followed during the cleanup. The department will enforce the Environment Act and associated regulations. The board will also monitor the department's procedures for reviewing applications, granting permits and responding to public concerns. Applications to join the new board are being accepted until June 28, 2007. Candidates should have skills and qualifications that relate to environmental remediation and contaminated sites management, as well as experience with Nova Scotia's environmental legislation and permit procedures. More information is available on the Department of Environment and Labour website at www.gov.ns.ca/enla/ea/tarponds.asp.

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