July 2, 2007

First C of A issued allowing use of off-farm organic residuals as feedstock to produce biogas on farm

WOODBRIDGE, ONT-National Challenge Systems recently reported that the Ontario Ministry of Environment has issued the first certificate of approval (C of A) for the use of off-farm organic residuals as feedstock for an on-farm anaerobic digester for biogas production in the province. The anaerobic digester is integrated into a dairy farm owned and operated by Paul and Fritz Klaesi, of Cobden, Ontario. Paul Klaesi said the C of A represents "the culmination of over 18 months of joint effort between us and [National Challenge subsidiary] Organic Resource Management Inc." The next step, said company president and CEO Charles Buehler, will be to conclude a supply agreement with the Klaesis. National Challenge says the off-farm liquid organic residuals it collects are an excellent feedstock for anaerobic digesters and should generate significantly more biogas than any on-farm feedstock. "Now that the regulatory hurdles have been cleared, we will work with other farms and AD [anaerobic digester] developers to maximize the value of the organic residual feedstock we manage," said Buehler.

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