June 18, 2007

Architectural firm to reduce paper consumption by offering electronic plans

DRUMMONDVILLE, QUE-Drummond Designs, a residential architecture firm based in Drummondville, Quebec, has launched its "Option Green" initiative aimed at reducing its paper consumption by 10% by 2020. The firm currently uses more than 1.3 million square feet of paper to produce more than 6,000 plans. By 2020, Drummond Designs could be consuming as much as 98 tonnes of paper, based on a projected sales increase of at least 5% over the next several years. The company calculates that offering clients the option of receiving an electronic (PDF) version of the plan they order could reduce its paper consumption by nine tonnes during this time period. At the same time, adds Drummond, the "Option Green" initiative should result in 500 fewer courier deliveries of plans, thereby helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The firm cites several other advantages to opting for an electronic version of a its plans. Clients, entrepreneurs and municipalities will collectively be helping accelerate the approval process and the obtaining of permits while being assured of copyright protection, since the plan will be coming directly from Drummond Designs. This method will also speed up the redistribution of plans to the various construction trade services, and will reduce the amount of archive space needed by municipalities, adds the company.

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