July 2, 2007

New Brunswick begins gypsum plant permit renewal process

New Brunswick Environment Minister Roland Haché recently launched a public review process for the renewal of CertainTeed Gypsum Canada's approval to operate its gypsum wallboard plant in McAdam. The facility, which transforms gypsum rock to wallboard, has been in operation since 1991. The current approval expires on August 15, 2007.

Under the air quality regulation of New Brunswick's Clean Air Act, the gypsum plant is considered a source and therefore must apply for an air quality approval to operate from the Department of Environment. The plant was previously classified as a Class 2 source, but upon a review of its approval conditions and its emissions, it is now considered to be a Class 1B source under the regulation. An interim Class 2 Approval will be issued in order to facilitate the 180-day public review process.

The process includes a public comment period, which runs from June 11 to October 8, 2007. All comments should be submitted in writing. More information is available on-line at www.gnb.ca/0009/0355/0005/I-5726_E.html.

In other approval activities, Haché has approved the renewal of air quality operating approvals for Flakeboard, which operates a wood composite products manufacturing mill complex in St Stephen, and for Skretting, a company that produces fish feed for the aquaculture industry at its plant in Bayside, near St Andrews. Flakeboard's renewal comes into effect July 1, Skretting's on July 16; both approvals are for five-year terms.

Both renewal applications were subject to the province's public review process. In both cases, Haché said no issues requiring further formal consideration were raised by the public. Documentation supporting the review process included facility profiles, draft and intended approvals, and summaries of issues raised and responses to those issues as applicable. This information may be viewed on the Department of Environment Web site, www.gnb.ca/0009/0355/0005/0005-e.asp.

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