July 2, 2007

MPI Packaging reports rising use of plastic for wine bottles

MPI Packaging, the first Canadian manufacturer of plastic wine bottles, reports that more and more of its bottles are appearing on Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) store shelves. French wine maker Boisset Vins & Spiritueux recently debuted its Yellow Jersey wines at the LCBO in MPI's packaging, and several dozen local and international wineries are expected to follow suit, introducing their products in MPI's bottles every week over the next six months or so.

Manufactured at MPI's main production facility in Mississauga, Ontario, the bottles are the first-ever 750 ml polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic wine bottles produced in North America. Lighter-weight and unbreakable, the wine bottles also use 90% less packaging than regular glass bottles. Consequently, less fuel is used during transportation, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Spirits have been bottled in plastic for years, but only recently has it become technologically possible to do the same with wine. Incorporating a special material called MonOxbar(TM) into PET plastic bottles protects the wine's flavour and colour from oxidation.

With a shelf life of slightly more than a year, wine in plastic bottles is not intended to be cellared. This does not pose a problem, since LCBO statistics show 90% of wine is consumed within 24 hours after being purchased.

Part of the blue box program across Canada, MPI's wine bottles are marked with the "1-PETE" plastic recycling code, meaning they are 100% recyclable.

MPI says PET is the most recycled packaging material in North America compared to glass, metal or other materials. The plastic bottles can be recycled into a wide range of products, including more plastic bottles, polar fleece jackets, auto upholstery and frozen food trays. It takes about 14 of the 750 ml bottles to create a polyester t-shirt.

MPI Packaging specializes in the design and manufacturing of PET bottles in various sizes, capable of holding a broad range of liquids, from beverages through to personal care products and motor oil. More information is available from Shawn Talebpour, MPI Packaging, 905/673-6447, ext 260, E-mail stalebpour@mpi-pkg.com, Web site www.mpi-pet.com.

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