July 9, 2007

Trucking company fined $25K in connection with diesel fuel spill

ST CATHARINES, ONT-GMF Transport was fined $25,000 and levied a victim fine surcharge in connection with a spill of an unspecified quantity of diesel fuel. The company, which transports live poultry to various processing plants owned by Grand River Poultry, was charged after a motorist passing the Grand River Poultry plant on May 24, 2006 reported a strong diesel odour to the Ministry of Environment (MOE). An investigation by the Ministry's investigation and enforcement branch determined that on or about May 17, 2006, a GMF Transport driver had struck a rock, damaging the fuel tank. As a result, diesel fuel leaked from the tank into a municipal ditch in front of the plant, harming vegetation in the ditch. While the exact quantity of fuel spilled remained undetermined, the damaged fuel tank had a maximum capacity of 150 gallons. GMF Transport pleaded guilty to violating section 14 (1) of the Environmental Protection Act by discharging a contaminant into the natural environment that causes or is likely to cause an adverse effect. The company was given 90 days to pay the fine.

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