July 9, 2007

CASA urges Alberta government to develop energy efficiency, conservation framework

EDMONTON, ALTA-The Clean Air Strategic Alliance (CASA) has called on the Alberta government to develop an energy efficiency and conservation framework for the province. Recommended elements of the framework are outlined in the final report of the CASA's energy efficiency and conservation project team, whose members represent government, industry and non-government organizations (NGOs). In a second report, the Alliance offers energy-saving measures for residences. A framework for energy efficiency and conservation is expected to be part of the energy strategy being developed by the provincial government. "We hope the framework will bring about a well-co-ordinated approach to energy efficiency and conservation in the province, one that will benefit every individual, business and institution in Alberta," said Jesse Row of the Pembina Institute, the team's NGO co-chair. Denise Chang-Yen of Epcor, the team's industry co-chair, observed, "There are many social, environmental and economic benefits in encouraging energy conservation and efficiency. Two examples are lower energy bills and helping to maintain a reliable energy supply." The CASA is a multi-stakeholder partnership, composed of representatives selected by industry, government and non-governmental organizations. Both reports are available on the CASA Web site, www.casahome.org.

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