June 25, 2007

Sustainable illumination comes to the CN Tower

TORONTO, ONT-The Canada Day weekend will mark the inauguration of a new, intelligent LED-based illumination system for the CN Tower. On the evening of June 28, a one-time-only ten-minute light show will demonstrate the full programming capabilities of the new system before its standard program begins, consisting of an elegant architectural illumination with a short effect at the top of each hour. The CN Tower's latest upgrade features a system considered the first major lighting breakthrough in over 100 years. The newly-installed Color Kinetics(R) lighting system merges patented Chromacore(R) technology with microprocessor-controlled light emitting diodes (LEDs). The programmable lighting system is both energy-efficient and cost-effective to maintain. Its 1,330 LED fixtures, each no larger than a shoebox, replace conventional fixtures the size of washing machines. The maximum energy consumption of the LED-illuminated Tower is expected to be 10% less than the recent dimly lit Tower and over 60% less energy than the fully lit Tower of the 1990's. Each LED fixture uses less than 20% of the energy required to light a comparable conventional colour-changing lighting fixture. In addition, light from the system can be precisely directed, ensuring that the lighting will illuminate only the Tower and not "spill" or interfere with nearby hotels, office towers or residences. The CN Tower will continue its longstanding support of Toronto's Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP) during spring and fall migration and anticipates exploring how directional and LED lighting can mitigate bird mortality as current theories suggest. More information is available on the CN Tower Web site, www.cntower.ca.

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