May 21-28, 2007

Gaz Métro Energy Efficiency Fund issues RFP for new technologies

MONTREAL, QUE-Gaz Métro's Energy Efficiency Fund (EEF), in collaboration with regional sections of the Quebec Order of Engineers (l'Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec), has issued its sixth request for proposals (RFP) in support of the development and demonstration of innovative energy efficiency technologies and approaches. Proposals from organizations and companies in the private, public or para-public sectors are due by June 22, 2007; selected projects may be awarded up to $100,000. The technologies or demonstration projects must satisfy one of the following objectives: to test the use of new or emerging technologies in the Quebec market designed to reduce natural gas consumption for space or water heating; to test one or more innovative commercial approaches related to the building envelope or a new technology; and to test the development of measures or incentives aimed at reducing or eliminating barriers to adoption by Gaz Métro customers of energy efficiency measures for natural gas space or water heating. To date, the EEF has provided financing for more than 25 projects, including: the development of an energy savings calculator for a specific technology; measurement of energy savings generated by a graywater heat saver; development of a high-efficiency energy wall; and testing and demonstration of a combined solar air/water heating system. More information about project applications and financing is available on the pilot project section of the EEF's Web site,, or by calling the EEF at 1-866-529-2216.

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