June 4, 2007

University of Calgary student seeks environmentally conscious companies for new Web site

CALGARY, ALTA-University of Calgary student Mike Maleki is calling on 1,000 businesses to show their green side on-line. As part of a campaign he launched on April 30, Maleki has set up a Web site, www.1000greenlogos.com, to encourage businesses to protect the environment. The site will give a higher profile to environmental businesses, while encouraging green investments by others. To qualify for a spot on the site, a company must present a reasonable environmental initiative to be carried out or continued in 2008. Its logo is then posted and linked to the initiative. The minimal posting fee is negotiable (or free in many cases) in order to create fair opportunities for smaller businesses and to avoid "greenwashing." Maleki, a philosophy major, says, "I wanted to do something that would give noticeable results in a relatively short period of time, not the year 2090. I want to talk with business leaders directly without short-term political concerns," he adds. Maleki says he hopes to have the 1,000 companies listed on the site by the end of 2007 so that by Earth Day, April 23, 2008, "people will be able to browse through 1000 creative green plans, all from one place." As it develops, he says the site will offer classifications, discussion forums, a search capability, and many other unique features. "There is currently nothing on the web that comes close to it, other than the top-100 lists of magazines, which primarily promote the 'big guys'," he notes. More information is available on the site, www.1000greenlogos.com.

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