May 14, 2007

Lignol awarded grants from Alberta govt, NRC's IRAP to advance biomass conversion process development

VANCOUVER, BC-Lignol Innovations, a subsidiary of Lignol Energy, has been awarded grants totalling up to $994,620 from the Alberta government and the National Research Council (NRC), to support the continuing development and commercialization of its process technology for the conversion of cellulosic biomass into ethanol and other biochemicals. The Alberta government is providing up to $870,000 out of its biorefining commercialization and market development program; payments will be made in two segments. An initial $245,000 will be advanced immediately, with the balance of up to $625,000 awarded upon completion of the related work program, which should be prior to March 31, 2008. Funds will be applied to the development of pre-treatment and bioconversion technology for agricultural residues, and for market development research of biorefinery product applications. The NRC grant of up to $124,620, awarded through the Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP), will also be paid out in portions between now July 31, 2007. These funds will cover claims for reimbursement of actual salaries and contractors' fees incurred, and will be applied to developing process enhancements for the biorefining of softwood. Lignol is working to develop biorefineries for the production of fuel-grade ethanol and other biochemical co-products from cellulosic biomass feedstocks. The company's modified solvent-based pretreatment technology was originally developed by a former affiliate of General Electric, then further developed and commercialized for wood-pulp applications by a subsidiary of Repap Enterprises. The technology facilitates the rapid, high-yield conversion of cellulose to ethanol and the production of value-added biochemical co-products, including lignin. More information is available on Lignol's Web site,

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