May 7, 2007

Waste management firm, owner receive fines for illegal transfer station

TORONTO, ONT-Activities relating to the operation of an illegal waste transfer station have resulted in fines for Superior Waste Recovery and Colin Rutledge, the company's director and president. Rutledge is also the director and president of a numbered company that owns a site at 156 Disco Road in Toronto. In June 2006, the Ministry of Environment (MOE) began receiving complaints of an illegal waste transfer station being operated at the Disco Road property. During an MOE inspection on June 21, 2006, Rutledge was confrontational and prevented the ministry's provincial officer from completing the inspection. Between June 21 and 26, 2006 as well, MOE staff observed Superior Waste Recovery delivering waste at the unapproved site. Rutledge was charged under section 184(1) of the Environmental Protection and pleaded guilty to hindering or obstructing a provincial officer in the performance of his duties and was fined $9,000. He was also sentenced to two years of probation under section 72 of the Provincial Offences Act. Superior Waste Recovery pleaded guilty to a charge under section 186(3) of the Environmental Protection Act of failing to comply with the conditions of its certificate of approval (C of A) by delivering waste to a facility without a of A. The company was fined $2,500. Subsequently, the waste at the 156 Disco Road site was cleaned up.

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