April 30, 2007

Canada, U.S. to share strategies, information on vehicle fuel efficiency

A Memorandum of Co-operation signed April 26 by Canada and the U.S. is aimed at improving motor vehicle fuel efficiency. The Memorandum provides opportunities for the two governments to meet periodically to share respective strategies and regulatory practices governing motor vehicle fuel efficiency; exchange research, modeling and analysis related to fuel efficiency standards; and exchange information on motor vehicle fuel efficiency developments and initiatives within the two countries.

The agreement specifically refers to exchanging information on: the assessment of technological changes to improve the fuel efficiency of vehicles; potential options for fuel economy standards; assessment of the impacts of proposed standards on the auto industry; developments related to potential credit trading systems; and experiences relating to the use of economic instruments and sharing of work plans.

Transport, Infrastructure and Communities Minister Lawrence Cannon said the Memorandum will help Canada in its efforts to develop motor vehicle fuel efficiency regulations. "Our government intends to work towards establishing an environmentally ambitious North American regulatory standard for cars and light trucks," he said.

"Increasing fuel economy standards through sound science is the most effective way to reduce fuel consumption, preserve vehicle safety and support the development of the kind of technology needed to make our automobiles as efficient as possible," said U.S. Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters. "Today's announcement puts both our countries on a track to developing the kind of standards we need to secure our energy independence while protecting the economy, the environment and vehicle safety."

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