April 30, 2007

ECO/People (April 30, 2007)

Kevin Jones has been appointed Chief Operating Officer of the Ontario Centre for Environmental Technology Advancement (OCETA), effective March 1, 2007. Kevin has been with OCETA since October 1997; his work in business development has created new services that support OCETA's mandate and strengthens the Centre's capacity to meet future needs. As COO, Kevin will continue to provide leadership for OCETA's remediation and brownfield services, noted OCETA CEO Dr Ed Mallett.

Senior management in this area will be provided by Tammy Lomas-Jylh¿, who has been appointed vice-president, Remediation and Brownfield Services, also effective March 1.

Additionally, Steve Guerin has joined OCETA as general manager of Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Canada, effective March 5, 2007. He will be responsible for the ETV Canada SME (small- to medium-sized enterprises) client portfolio and a new program called Proof of Principle. Created by the partnership involving OCETA, Precarn Incorporated and the Ontario Centres of Excellence, the program will provide research and development funds to accelerate the commercialization of Canadian-made environmental technologies in Ontario that have high information technology (IT) content.

John Neate has taken the newly-created position of Senior Associate within OCETA. This position allows the Centre to continue working with outside consultants, adding their talents to its own internal expertise to carry out a range of projects.

In other moves, Dr Adele Buckley, vice-president of Research and Technology and one of OCETA's original employees, has retired as of March 31, 2007, but will continue to assist OCETA as a Senior Associate. Dr Neil Burnett, vice-president of Technology Services, will be taking a five-month leave of absence starting June 1, 2007. He will return in November as vice-president, SME Client Services with territorial responsibility for the eastern and northern regions of Ontario, providing client services under the Environment Canada Contribution Agreement and the Ontario Research Commercialization Program (ORCP). Fred Granek will continue to have senior management responsibility in his position as vice-president, Toronto Region Sustainability Program. Launched in 2000, this award-winning program has been very successful in helping SME businesses in the Greater Toronto Area improve their environmental performance.

As a private-sector, not-for-profit corporation, OCETA provides business services to entrepreneurs, start-up companies and SMEs to aid the commercialization for new environmental technologies and support sustainable economic development, both domestically and internationally. OCETA is one of three Canadian Environmental Technology Advancement Centres.

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