May 7, 2007

CSA, CCE, Manitoba to work on market-based tools for GHG reduction

The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) will be collaborating with the Manitoba government and the Canadian Climate Exchange (CCE) in designing market-based mechanisms to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Manitoba and beyond its borders. Manitoba has announced plans to legislate provincial GHG emission reduction targets.

The three parties will examine the development of such tools, designed to provide a price signal and financial incentive for emissions reductions. Under the agreement, they will work together to propose various ways of exchanging information to help proponents develop and showcase GHG emission-reducing projects. Each organization will contribute its unique expertise to the collaborative effort in order to address the demand for verified GHG credits from organizations wishing to reduce their GHG footprint.

"CSA welcomes the opportunity to share its extensive expertise with the province of Manitoba and the Canadian Climate Exchange in the conceptual design of innovative solutions, including web-based portals which facilitate the public reporting of GHG inventories and emission reducing projects, such as CSA's GHG Registries," said Pat Keindel, CSA's president, standards.

Working on behalf of the Standards Council of Canada, CSA acts as the secretariat for the development of new ISO 14064 standards for GHG inventory and reporting at the organization and project level, as well as standards relating to validation verification and accreditation of inventories and projects. In 2005, CSA acquired the assets of the Voluntary Challenge Registry.

The Canadian Climate Exchange (CCE) was created in 2003, as a sister company to the Winnipeg Commodity exchange to develop a marketplace for GHG emissions trading. CCE has full access to the resources of the Winnipeg

Commodity Exchange, the only commodity derivatives exchange in Canada.

More information is available on CSA's Web site,

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