April 30, 2007

Environmental Business Consultants issues first call for funding proposals

TORONTO, ONT-Environmental Business Consultants (EBC), in Toronto, has issued its first call for funding proposals. EBC has $100,000 in capital funding available to support an innovative environmental technology start-up. Specifically, it will fund bench-scale testing of a new technology, commercial development of a new technology, and/or an established company requiring capital for market penetration. Interested companies can submit their business plans to EBC chair James Sbrolla, E-mail james.sbrolla@ebccanada.com. Proposals should include a one-page executive summary clearly outlining the basic idea of the technology and the market for revenue generation and profit. Beyond the executive summary the level of detail provided is at the discretion of the candidate, who must have the authority to enter into an agreement if funding is offered. While agents and brokers are welcome to collaborate on submissions, the submitter must be able to act directly without the approval of an agent or broker. The deadline for submission of proposals is May 31, 2007. More information is available from James Sbrolla at EBC, 416/234-5120, Web site www.ebccanada.com.

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