April 30, 2007

EMS receives approval for second U.K. soil treatment facility

BURLINGTON, ONT-Environmental Management Solutions (EMS) recently received approval to build its second soil treatment facility in the United Kingdom at Colnbrook, west of London. The 1.5-hectare Colnbrook facility has received all necessary regulatory permits to operate until 2010. Construction should begin late this spring, with operation expected to be under way by August 2007. The plant's an annual processing capacity of 50,000 tonnes is the same as that of EMS's existing Risley facility near Manchester, in northwest England. Both facilities are operated in partnership with Biffa Plc, a leading British waste management company providing market presence, regulatory compliance expertise, site location, and placement options for the treated soil. EMS, through its subsidiary Biog├łnie Site Remediation, is providing its proprietary treatment technology and operating management. The new Colnbrook STF will treat contaminated soil from London and southeast England, where the redevelopment market for housing and related infrastructure is the largest in the U.K. The soil tends to be contaminated with oily materials from the previous site use. Biog├łnie's technology degrades these contaminants to acceptable levels that allow the soil to be used as daily landfill cover or as restoration soil.

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